t bone steak

T – Bone Steak

Product Description:
  • Grams; 300 – 400, 400 – 500, 500 – 600, 600 – 700, 700 – 800
  • Cut heavier to order
  • Individually packed and frozen
  • 6-8 kgs / carton

Nothing prepares a T – Bone steak better than the dry ageing process. A genuine meat lovers item, this cut has a presence all of its own and a character that dominates the dining room. Rich, strong and flavoursome, the Elders T-Bone – Dry Aged is a product to behold.

Carcasses are selected based on age of the animal, weight of the carcase, fat colour and evenness of cover and overall appearance. This is a specialty item and only produced to order.