Elders utilises a feedlot situated in Central Lampung, about an hour and a half from Bandar Lampung. The feedlot transforms young healthy Australian feeder cattle into well finished cattle. This process takes about 120 days and involves a combination of modern technology and good cattleman-ship.

Our cattle are fed a ration of by-products from local food industries, unlike feedlotting in western countries where cattle are grain fed. We use by-products such as tapioca, copra meal, rice bran, with about 20% of green chop forage mixed in. No antibiotics are used in the feed and all cattle sold are free of the residue of health treatments.

Aerial view of abbattoir


PT Elders Indonesia’s beef is processed through one of the few beef processing facilities in Indonesia which is HACCP and ISO 9001 certified. Abattoir employees are exceptionally well trained, many of whom are Aus-Meat accredited.


As with our feedlot, we set benchmarks across the industry in beef processing and animal handling. We also train the broader industry on the processing of cattle to meet international welfare standards. We adopt the attitude that our abattoir is your abattoir because this provides us with a focus on our customer’s requirements.